Syphase Services

Turnkey Projects

Finishing or renovating a property is a tough task, requiring a lot of time and energy. In addition, one has to be in contact with various people offering many different services/products to get the jobs done. Moreover, one has to plan systematically and monitor the activities of all the contractors since some jobs cannot be started before others are completed.

For those who do not have the time, or enough knowledge to run such projects, and would like to have their whole project being taken care by, we are here to help.

This will not mean loosing your say in your project, because you will be consulted in every step, from the initial meetings, through the progression of the jobs, to the final handover. This will ensure full customer satisfaction.

Having teamed up with professionals providing different services in the industry, we can offer a whole turnkey solution for your property, being it a small renovation of a single room to a whole finishing project.


Amongst others, we offer the following services:

·        Central Vacuum Systems

·        Electrical Installations / Alterations

·        Plumbing Installations / Alterations

·        Underfloor Heating Installation

·        Plastering

·        Gypsum

·        Painting

·        Tile laying

·        Parquet Laying

·        Apertures  (Wood and Aluminium)

·        Fair-faced feature walls (Hitan fuq il-fil)


Should you entrust us with your project, you will mainly benefit from:

·        One contact point for all your needs

·        Regular meetings, communicating the progress

·        Professional advice

·        Sourcing the best material at the most competitive price

·        Network of reliable contractors, offering various services.